What Is The Most Important Information To Have On A Label

When we think of a label, we really don’t really consider all of the work and effort it goes into producing one. With a label we are given a lot of information on a product that will help us make a decision whether to purchase it or not. When it comes to label printing in Aurora, here are some of the most important components people want in labels.

The information that is given on a label isn’t as simple as you might think. You see, depending upon the type of product you are labeling it will contain different types of information to help consumers make the best choice for their purchasing decision. There are labels for food and beverage products, pharmaceutical products, industrial packaging, consumer goods and even clothing. With these different product types, information on the label isn’t just free for use.

Label printing like any other type of printing requires a lot of time and energy into choosing what you want to put onto your label. It is important to understand that we don’t simply design a label then throw it into production, this is not something that anyone can do. When it comes to printing labels, there is a process that must be followed and you need to decide what needs the most space on your label.

Here are some examples of things people want on their labels:

·    Health information

·    Ingredients list

·    Manufacturing date

·    Storage instructions/warnings Allergens

·    Nutritional value

·    Calories

·    Fat content

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·    Carbohydrates Protein

The information on the label needs to be accurate and precise. You will also need to follow guidelines by whatever industry controls the information being presented to people. For food, the FDA has guidelines that need to be placed on their labels. If these requirements are met, then the product can’t be sold or put on store shelves.